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Manager: Kevin Groot


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What Our Customers Are Saying

Ken F.Nov 2, 2020

Very helpful and friendly staff. They went above and beyond to make sure we had what we needed for our plumbing project. This is my new favorite hardware store.

Ted R.Sep 26, 2020

Very helpful staff! Went out of there way to find me the items that I needed making them my new go to hardware store! After being a loyal customer of another for 15 years I've found that the personal attention I received was unmatched at other Ace stores!

Ryan K.Jul 25, 2020

Friendly, helpful staff and they almost always have what I need. Great neighborhood hardware store.

McKenzie R.Mar 25, 2020

As always, if I'm even slightly unsure if Home Depot will have what I need, like a certain size or type screw in a specific color, or something I'm not sure even exists but I need for a project, I'll make the trip to Ace. The Lake Michigan Drive Ace is the best around but this one is a bit closer and friendlier. I'm glad to see they're carrying Ben Moore too! I left off one star for this Ace, mostly because the middle aged woman at checkout is not friendly. I was actually prompted to write this review after I visited and an older veteran in front of me went to the door to unlock his vehicle before loading his arms with his purchase and she rolled her eyes at me like he was being so inconvenient. If it weren't for multiple other instances of her just not being a great face for their business, this probably wouldn't have set me off. Overall, I do love Ace and their staff is very knowledgeable.

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