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Lawn and Garden 

Great Lakes Ace Hardware's Lawn and Garden Experts can help answer questions like:

  • How do I choose the right lawn fertilizer?
  • Which type of seed do birds prefer?
  • How can I get rid of mice in my home?

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If you want to achieve a beautiful outdoor space year-round, we have the trusted name brands and knowledgeable employees to help!  We handle a complete line of Scotts® products including fertilizers, soils and mulch. We also have a complete line of lawn care products — Ace®, Milorganite®, Bayer®, and more — to get your lawn as green and lush as can be. We will always offer expert advice on how much of a product to use and when to apply it. Come see us first for lawn and garden tools and accessories, and a wide selection of Birdhouses and Birdfeed. Bird watchers and nature lovers will find what they need at Great Lakes Ace Hardware.

BLUE BIRD HOUSE TIP— For Eastern Bluebirds, a round entrance hole 1½” – 1 9/16” in diameter, 1⅜” x 2¼” vertical oval hole, or 1⅛” to 1 3/16” horizontal slot entrance. For Western and Mountain Bluebirds, a 1 9/16” round opening or 1 3/16” slot entrance. -National Bluebird Society.

Know How In No Time Learn lawn care tips, organic gardening benefits and more!