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Top Tips for Using Peat Pots:

  1. Fill your Peat Pot with pre-moistened seed starting mix. Pack the soil firmly to remove gaps.
  2. Place 2-4 four seeds per pot. Check your seed packet to see how deep you should plant. Place them in your seed tray. It’s always good to label each pot.
  3. Mist your seeds with water and cover the tray with the clear dome cover or loosely with plastic wrap. This helps keep moisture in and speeds up germination. Keep seeds moist, but do not over water.
  4. Your seedlings will need a lot of light, if you are planning to grow near a window choose one that gets the most light. Rotate the pots regularly to prevent leaning. If you are using a light, set the timer for 15 hours a day until they are ready to transplant.

Know before you go! Download our full materials checklist:

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