Ego - Great Lakes Ace Hardware Store

EGO® the #1 Rated Cordless Platform is now available at your neighborhood store! Every EGO POWER+ product features industry-leading ARC Lithium™ battery technology, which delivers relentless power, superior performance, and longer run times. And any EGO battery works with every EGO tool.

Any Battery Powers Any Tool – With the convenience of universal battery compatibility,
you can use any size battery for any tool in the EGO POWER+ lineup.

Power & Performance of Gas – Featuring the most advanced battery technology,
EGO delivers or exceeds the power of gas—all without the noise, fuss, and fumes.

Runs Longer, Charges Faster – EGO’s patented technology maximizes power and
run times. Industry-leading recharge times get you back to work in as little as 25 minutes.


Snow Throwers

EGO Single Stage Snow Thrower

EGO™ Single Stage Snow Thrower

Clear the heavy, wet snow with the only cordless snow blower that has the
PEAK POWER™ Technology; combining the power of 2 ARC Lithium™ batteries simultaneously.

  • Peak Power™ technology combines the power of 2 EGO POWER+ 56-volt batteries
  • High-efficiency brushless motor
  • 21-inch clearing width
  • Up to 35 feet snow throwing distance
  • Push-button start
  • Variable-speed control
  • LED headlights
  • Quick-fold handle for compact storage
  • Weather-resistant (ipx4)
  • Robust Steel Construction

Chain Saws

EGO Battery Powered Chainsaw

EGO™ Battery Powered Chainsaw

Introducing the all new EGO POWER + 18” Chain Saw. Everything on this saw screams innovation and power. The re-imagined chain tensioning system, tightens your chain with the twist of a dial, no need to take anything apart to get your chain set properly. An aggressive 18” bar and chain for taking down large branches, stumps and tall trees. The bright LED lights illuminate your cut when you are cutting at dusk or in an emergency and there is no access to lights.

  • Auto Tensioning system: tightens the chain with the twist of a dial
  • 18” Oregon Bar and Chain
  • 11,000 RPM’s: For Efficient Clean Cuts
  • Brushless Motor: Extends the life of the tool
  • Bright LED Lights: Illuminate your work area