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If you LOVE attracting birds to your yard, you've come to the right place! We have feed, feeders, bird baths and more to keep your feathered friends happy year-round. See one of Great Lakes Ace Hardware's Lawn & Garden associates to learn more about our wide variety of choices!

BIRDING FEEDING TIP: Black Oil sunflower is a favorite of most birds. Its shell is softer than the seed people snack on, making it easy for birds to crack. Serve it up in hoppers and tube feeders with large portholes. Hang pressed seed cakes from hooks or wire for variety and almost no clean-up.

Bird Food:

  • Black-Oil Sunflower Seed
    • The black oil sunflower seeds have very thin shells, easy for virtually all seed-eating birds to crack open, and the kernels within have a high fat content, extremely valuable for most winter birds. Offer this type of food in Hopper or Tube type bird feeder.
  • Safflower
    • Safflower has a thick shell, hard for some birds to crack open, but is a favorite among cardinals. The nice thing is that most squirrels will leave it alone.
  • Striped Sunflower
    • Bluejays, Cardinals, and some Woodpeckers will make use of striped sunflower. Try placing some on a platform feeder to prevent squirrels and raccoons from raiding your regular feeders.
  • Cracked or Whole Kernel Corn
    • Attract Eastern Bluebirds, Jays, Pheasants, and other game birds. By offering cracked corn throughout the year, you'll be able to watch birds that normally don't visit your other feeders. 
  • Nyjer
    • Small finches including American Goldfinches, Lesser Goldfinches, Indigo Buntings, Pine Siskins, and Common Redpolls often devour these tiny, black, needle-like seeds. A special feeder with small ports will be needed when offering this seed.
  • Premium Mixes
  • And more!
  • Heath® Bird Food Suet Cakes
    • Varieties include Berry Blast, Bird's Blend, Orange Burst or Peanut Crunch.
  • Heath® High Energy Suet Cakes
    • Ideal for year round feeding, these contain 100% food grade beef tallow. Guaranteed fresh.


Bird Feeders and Houses:

  • Hanging Feeders
  • Hummingbird/Nectar Feeders
  • House/Hoppers
  • Suet Feeders
  • Tube Feeders
  • And more!


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