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Master The Art Of Wood-Fired Grilling

With a Traeger smoker grill, opt to cook foods hot and fast or low and slow. While propane and charcoal grills offer unique features, many grilling enthusiasts prefer the smoky, wood-fired flavors a Traeger pellet smoker achieves.

While a Traeger grill is known for its versatile features, it’s surprisingly easy to use. Hardwood pellets are loaded into a basin, and an auger moves the pellets into the fire pot underneath the grill once the temperature control is set. A hot rod ignites the pellets, while an induction fan keeps the fire stoked and circulates heat and smoke through the rest of the grill. A drip tray catches extra grease from foods and prevents flare-ups, ensuring food is protected against burning. Traeger BBQ grills are crafted with impressive technology options such as:

  • Advanced Grilling Logic®: Maintain consistent cooking temperatures from start to finish, no matter what kind of foods you're grilling. 
  • WiFIRE® Controllers: Get the freedom to control temperatures and set timers for your grill with your phone by installing the Traeger app. 
  • Smoke Science: Patent-pending Traeger Smoke Science technology circulates high-quality, blue smoke that lets you create optimal flavor. 



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