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Lighting and Electrical

Great Lakes Ace Hardware's Electrical experts can help answer questions like:
  • How much money do LED lights really save me?
  • How do I install universal dimmers?
  • What's the difference between watts and lumens?

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Great Lakes Ace Hardware prides its stores on stocking not only a wide variety of “hard to find” light bulbs and batteries, but also extension cords, timers, flashlights, LED lights, switches, receptacles, dimmers, plugs, outlet covers and much more! Plus, we carry bulk wire that we will cut to whatever length you need.  We've added an assortment of inventory to our light bulb department. Stop in today to let us help you purchase the right LED bulb for your home. We can help you understand the difference between watts and lumens and explain all the lighting facts.





Sengled is new line of Smart LED bulbs that allows you to control your whole home. These LED lighting options are energy efficient, programmable and customizable smart lighting.

  • ELEMENT hub-based bulbs that light up your home, whether you are at home or away. Different lighting moods can be controlled conveniently using the app through existing Wi-Fi connection. Program your routines with whole home lighting. Works with Amazon Alexa and other connected home devices!*
  • TWLIGHT light dims to 10% brightness and remains on for 15 seconds after switching off. Allows for easy navigation through dark hallways and avoid bumping into furniture. Great for bedrooms, hallways or kids’ rooms.*
  • SMARTSENSE built-in motion detection that will transform any ordinary fixture into an outdoor security light. Wide-angle sensor detects motion within 25ft and illuminates for 90 seconds after detecting movement.*

*No rewiring or additional hardware to operate


Unlike smart home solutions for techies, Intellibulbs can be controlled in intuitive ways using your voice, motion or a light switch you already have, without any additional hardware or a special app. The IntelliBulb is ideal for people who are trying to solve a problem or want their home just right. Unlike smart home solutions for techies all the intelligence is built right in.

Options include:

  • SWITCH TO DIM Adjust brightness to one of the 3 different levels of dimmed lighting (100%, 60% or 10%) with a standard light switch.  Flip the switch.  Switch the light.  No dimmer switch? No problem.
  • BATTERY BACKUP Reliable, rechargeable emergency lighting.  Turns on even if you lose power. Get up to 3 hours of reliable emergency battery backup lighting if you lose power during a black out or power surge.
  • DAWN TO DUSK Turns any outdoor light fixture into a dusk to dawn security light.  Built in light sensor turns bulb on at night and off during the day.  Conserve energy and save money by using electricity when you need it.
  • MOTION ACTIVATED Light turns on automatically when motion is detected from up to 19 feet away.  Great for outdoor use as a preventative measure against trespassers or indoor as a handy hands-free way to light up a space.
  • COLOR-CHOICE Three light color choices.  One bulb. Soft white, cool white, or daylight with a flip of a switch.Get the right energy saving LED light, any room, any time.
  • VOICE CONTROL No light switch is ever out of reach with voice activated bulbs. Easily turn on/off & dim with a simple voice command, without the need of any hardware or mobile apps



  • Range from 6.3W (40W equivalent) — 13W (100W equivalent) 
  • 10,000 hour average life
  • Flood, dimmable, omnidirection, non-omnidirectional and more available
  • Variety of colors and temperatures (warm whites, soft white, cool white, daylight and more)

LED LIGHTING TIP: LED Bulbs use about 80% less energy than traditional bulbs. You can go through about 25 incandescent bulbs before just one LED bulbs burns out. Make it a priority to upgrade to LED for the lights you use the most to see the most energy savings.


  • Extension cords
  • Switch plate covers
  • Switches, dimmers and receptacles
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Flashlights & portable lighting 




  • Control connected loads and lights using the free My Leviton app for iOS and Android, no hub required.
  • Simplify control of the residence - schedule lights and connected loads to turn on/off at specific times or based on sunrise/sunset, easily group smart devices into rooms, and create scenes to activate multiple lights at once.
  • Works with Google Home or Amazon Alexa


  • Simplify control of your residence with easy scheduling, create activities and more!
  • Ability to create scenes, interoperate with third party devices like thermostats or door locks, and more.
  • Operational through Siri® or the Leviton Decora Smart Home app




  • Alkaline
  • Rechargeable
  • Hearing Aid
  • Watch and Calculator
  • Photo
  • Automotive Batteries & more


  • Door Chimes & Buttons
  • Electrical Boxes, Conduit & Fittings
  • Fuses & Circuit Breakers
  • Wire, Connectors & Fasteners