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Color of the Month

The Paint Studio by Ace has the inspiration you need to refresh your home! Once you choose your color, Great Lakes Ace Paint Studios can mix any color, for any room, and any personality type!

Explore the current Color of the Month!

PLUS, color sample pints are FREE every day when you come back and buy your paint! Purchase color sample pints at Great Lakes Ace Hardware and receive a coupon for $5 off a gallon of paint for every color sample pint you buy. See store for details.


2019 COLORS: 

August 2019 Color of the Month:

Pure Joy Pure Joy (VR010B) by Valspar
This light-hearted yellow has a touch of active orange to help us rebalance our responsibilities and count on our new smart-device helpers.


July 2019 Color of the Month:

Stormy Weather Stormy Weather (CW-C7) by Clark + Kensington
The heat of summer couldn't make this color more appealing. This light and airy hue brings a coolness to your home during the dog days of summer.


June 2019 Color of the Month:

Soothing Blue Soothing Blue (VR054D) by Valspar
This breezy blue has healing qualities but doesn't take itself too seriously. Its weightless quality seems to push out the walls and welcome us into the controlled sanctuary we call home.


May 2019 Color of the Month:

Lucky One Lucky One (31A-3) by Clark + Kensington
This blue hue brings a sense of serenity to any space. Kick back, relax and enjoy the tranquility of your space.


April 2019 Color of the Month:

Asian Silk Asian Silk (VR0735E) by Valspar
The more we travel and get to know other cultures, the more curious we become about the world close to us. This mindful green invokes a sense of appreciation that's sourced locally.


March 2019 Color of the Month:

Head Over Heels Head Over Heels (44C-3) by Clark + Kensington
Spring is around the corner. Get inspired with this natural color with a slight pop of color. Make your bedroom a sanctuary and unwind from your day.


February 2019 Color of the Month:

Cathedral Morning Cathedral Morning (VR092D) by Valspar
This rosy neutral injects an element of spirituality into everyday life, giving us a rosier view of reality.


January 2019 Color of the Month:

Stainless Steel Stainless Steel (37B-4) by Clark + Kensington
This bluish gray brings a calmness to a space where we find ourselves needing to detox from the complexity of our lives.



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