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Fall Lawn Care

Beautify your yard and outdoor living area with a wide array of products, from Scotts, Ace, Milorganite, Safer Lawn, Bayer Advanced and more. Great Lakes Ace will always offer expert advice on how much of a product to use and when to apply it. Visit us to get everything needed to prepare your lawn for the coming season!

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LAWN TIPS: Throughout the fall, keep mowing and watering. Aerate the soil so that oxygen, water and fertilizer can easily reach the roots of the grass. Rake your leaves periodically to ensure they don't turn into a soggy, suffocating layer. Fill in bald spots with a lawn repair mixture.

Fall Lawn Fertilizers:

Scotts® 4-Step Program

  • Step 1 Early Spring (February–April) Prevents crabgrass & problem weeds
  • Step 2 Late Spring (April–June) Kills dandelions and other broadleaf weeds. Builds thick green lawn.
  • Step 3 Summer (June–August) Feeds and strengthens lawns against heat and drought. Won't burn lawn!
  • Step 4 Early Fall (August–November) Builds stronger, deeper roots for winter. Thicker, greener lawn next spring.


Scotts® Turf Builder® WinterGuard® Fall Lawn Food

  • Builds strong, deep grass roots for a better lawn next spring.
  • Provides nutrients to help repair damage from summer heat, drought, and activity.
  • Kid and pet friendly when applied as directed.
Ace® Phosphorus Free Winterizer Lawn Fertilizer
  • Helps protects lawns from winter stress.
  • Promotes vigorous root development.
  • Encourages earlier spring green-up.


We asked our EXPERTS:

What is Milorganite?
An organic nitrogen fertilizer composed primarily of heat dried microbes.
What is Milorganite used for?
Milorganite is an all-purpose fertilizer used on lawns, shrubs, trees, flowers, vegetables, and golf courses.
When can Milorganite be applied?
Milorganite can be applied any time during the growing season and it is suitable for any climate.
Does Milorganite need to be watered in to work?
No. It is not necessary to water in Milorganite for it to work. Milorganite does not contain any soluble salts (which can burn turf) but relies on natural microbes in the soil to break down nutrients. Watering in Milorganite will ensure that the fertilizer achieves soil contact earlier and speed up the fertilizing process, but it is not necessary.


Weeds and Plant Care:

Bayer Advanced® Long Weed & Grass Killer

  • Kills dandelions, clover & nutgrass
  • Won't harm lawns

Bonide® Rot Stop

  • Tomato Blossom End Rot
  • Helps correct calcium deficiencies
  • Also use on cucumbers, melons and peppers


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