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In the midwest, snow removal is an inevitable routine in the winter months. It’s tempting to stay cozy and warm indoors and hire someone to do the hard work, or just wait for a break in the weather to melt it away naturally. But if clearing snow and ice is part of your winter reality, we have what you need to get it done (and have some fun too)!

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HELPFUL TIP: These are specific chemical compounds of salt and heat-generating solids. Check the bag to be sure the type you choose works at the temperatures you’re experiencing. If you have pets, look for a variety that won’t irritate their paws. 


HotRock™ StormGuard Max™HotRock Stormguard

  • Screened and sized & dyed bright in color for optimum spreadability
  • Contains Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride & Magnesium Chloride
  • Effective to -15° F.



Hot Rock™ Salt + Heat BoostHot Rock Heat Boost

  • Screened and sized & dyed bright in color for optimum spreadability
  • The most economically priced salt available
  • Effective to -1° F.


EXOMELT™ Calcium Chloride PelletsEXOMELT

  • 94% Pure Calcium Chloride
  • Safer for concrete & the environment
  • Effectively melts to -25° F.


Safe Step® Eco Platinum® Series Sure Paws® Ice MelterSafe Step Sure Paws

  • Won't irritate paws or skin
  • Fast-acting melting power
  • Safer for people, pets & plants
  • Available in 20 Lb. Bags & 8 Lb. Jugs
  • Effectively melts to -15° F.           


Safe Step® Calcium Chloride 7300 Ice MelterSafe Step 7300

  • Works immediately on contact
  • Generations heat to advance melting
  • No powdery residue
  • Effectively melts to -25° F.


Ace Premium Ice Melter

  • (Available in 11 lbs. jugs)
    • Contains sodium chloride, magnesium chloride and MG-104 blend
    • Safe for vegetation and pets when used as directed
    • Melts Down to -10°F


Know How In No Time
Read our checklist for 3 steps to clear your driveway of snow!



  • Snow Shovels

  • Roof Rakes
  • Hand Warmers

  • Winter Work Gloves
  • Heaters - electric, propane and kerosene

  • Fire Wood and Firelogs
  • RV Antifreezee
  • Sleds

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