Holiday Lights Safety Tips - Great Lakes Ace Hardware Store

Take a few moments to run through a quick safety checklist and keep your home safe this holiday season! 

Useful Tools/Materials: 

  1. Ladder
  2. Extension Cords
  3. Power Stakes
  4. Handy Hook
  5. Replacement Bulbs
  6. Electrical Tape
  7. Outdoor Light Timer


  • Before hanging, carefully check cords for cracks, frayed ends or loose connections.
  • Replace old, non-fused lights with newer safer lights.
  • If bulbs have burned out, replace them right away, but make sure you use the correct wattage bulbs.
  • Make sure outdoor lights are plugged into a grounded outlet as water and debris can get into outdoor sockets and cause shorts and shocks.
  • Keep an eye on extension cords, as they can overheat. Just touch-test the cord. If it’s hot, unplug it.
  • Don’t use tacks, nails or screws to hang lights, these can pierce the cable and become electrified. Use insulated hooks instead.
  • When running extension cords along the ground, make sure to elevate plugs and connectors with a brick to keep snow, water and debris out of the connections. Use the electrical tape and tape connectors for extra protection.
  • Not all lights are rated for outdoor use. Indoor lights often have thinner insulation, which can become cracked and damaged when exposed to the elements.
  • Don’t leave Christmas lights running when you go to bed at night or when you leave the house. You can purchase a timer to help with this.

Know before you go! Download our full materials checklist: 

Download Checklist

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