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There are 3 important steps to clear your driveway of snow:

  1. Clear snow from sidewalks and driveway using a snow blower or shovel. Spray your shovel with NeverWet™ as a great way to prevent snow build up and extra weight on the shovel.
  2. Spread ice melter on walkways, porches, or decks using the Whiz™ spreader. Premium products like calcium chloride are great on concrete and wood decks. They are more effective to lower temperatures than rock salt and won’t destroy your grass. Use our Pet-Friendly option to protect your pet’s paws. Store in a 5 gallon bucket with lid to prevent moisture absorption.
  3. Utilize a roof rake to safely remove built up snow on your roof and then use roof melt as directed to prevent ice dams and damage to your home.

Recommended Tools & Materials

  • Ice Melter
  • Shovel
  • Snow Blower
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Hand/Foot Warmers
  • Roof Melt
  • Roof Rake
  • Scotts® Whiz™ or Other Spreader
  • NeverWet™
  • 5 Galllon Bucket
  • Bucket Lid
  • Scoop

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