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Before you begin your pool care program, you'll need to calculate your pool capacity. This will help determine the amount of chlorinator, sanitizer, shock treatment, and other chemicals your pool or spa needs.


To ensure your water is balanced we have created the following chart with ideal levels and the recommended HTH® pool care products necessary to adjust your levels.



When it's time to open your pool for the swimming season, choose HTH® pool care products to prepare your water. There are two essential elements to ready your pool for the season: ensuring the equipment is in proper working order and balancing the water. Use the HTH® pool care kit for opening and closing in addition to the steps below.

Preparing the Pool Water
  • Test the water using the HTH® 6-way multi purpose strips, or other HTH® test kits or strips.
  • Adjust the TA, pH, FAC, and CH to the ideal levels recommended in the Balanced Pool Care Chart.
  • If needed, stabilize the water using HTH® stabilizer.
  • Shock treat pool water with an HTH® shock product.
  • Continue routine maintenance following the 4-Step Program for the entire season.

Preparing the Equipment
  • Remove any water and debris that have accumulated on your pool cover during the winter.
  • Take off the pool cover. Clean the cover to prevent mildew and premature deterioration.
  • Reconnect all plumbing and electrical connections for the pump, filter, and circulation system.
  • Make sure the skimmer(s), filter(s), pump(s), drain(s) and other equipment are clean and free of winter debris.
  • Use a leaf skimmer to scoop up all surface and submerged debris.
  • Clean the pool floor and walls with a curved wall brush.
  • Add water to the pool to bring it up to the proper level.
  • Make sure all hoses and electrical hookups are in working order.
  • Turn on filter pump and check the circulation system for leaks.
  • Check the skimmer, drain and filter to make sure they are functioning properly.
  • Use a pool vacuum to remove any remaining debris to remove any remaining debris.
  • Run the filter for 12 hours.


  • Test and adjust water balance using HTH® 6-way multi-purpose test strips or other HTH® test kits or strips.
  • Clean pool by thoroughly vacuuming and removing any floating debris.
  • Use the HTH® pool care kit for closing your pool. Carefully follow label directions for order of addition and proper dosage of each product.
  • Follow pool manufacturer's directions on draining the pool so that water level is below the skimmers, and flush and drain any hoses that will remain outdoors during cold winter months
  • Drain pump, filter, heater and all other equipment according to manufacturer’s directions. Properly store all equipment indoors to prevent damage from freezing temperatures. Follow manufacturer’s directions for lubrication and proper storage.
  • Clean the filter
  • Cover pool with a properly fitted pool cover. Cover should be resistant to water, weather and pool chemicals. Seal the edge of the cover to prevent wind from getting beneath the seal. This will save you cleanup time when you re-open your pool by keeping out unwanted debris.