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Follow these 8 expert tips for getting rid of ants in your home:

Great Lakes Ace Expert Tips:

  1. Eliminate the Point of Entry
    Fix cracks, repair holes and make sure your window screens are fully intact.
  2. Set the Bait
    Implementing a liquid baiting system such as Terro® Liquid Ant Baits allows you to use the
    ants’ own anatomy against them
  3. Expect More Ants
    That’s because the bait is intentionally drawing out the ants.
  4. Address the Outdoors
    Bait outdoors because it kills the ants before they ever get inside.

Top Tips to Get Rid of Ants the Natural Way:

  1. Use Vinegar
    The strong smell of vinegar may confuse the ants by blocking or masking their main form of communication (pheromones). Spray along entry points. 
  2. Use Diatomaceous Earth
    This natural white powder can kill ants by drying out and disrupting their internal fluid balance. Sprinkle a generous layer of it along areas where ants are likely to frequent such as the space underneath kitchen appliances.
  3. Use Cornmeal Or Cinnamon
    Ants that consume cornmeal will suffer from digestion issues and eventually succumb to their death due to starvation. While Cinnamon won’t kill the ants, the scent can help deter more ants from entering your home. Sprinkle next to common ant entry points such as the windowsill, door, and wall cracks.
  4. Keep It Clean
    You won’t ever truly get rid of an ant problem until your home is free of all the things that attracted them in the first place. Go through every room in your house and clear or store away all the food in a secure container. Continue vacuum or sweep regularly anywhere crumbs my linger.

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