Preparing an Organic Garden - Great Lakes Ace Hardware Store

There are 3 important steps to preparing an organic garden:

  1. Prepare & Test Your Soil
    Clear an area of any debris and dead material using a lawn rake and biodegradable lawn bags. Make sure the soil is tested for a complete breakdown of PH and nutrient levels, as well as treatment recommendations. Your soil should have plenty of humus.
  2. Choosing The Right Plants
    Choose plants that will be well adjusted in terms of light, moisture, drainage and soil quality. It's better to buy stocky seedlings with few, if any blooms yet, and with roots that don't look overcrowded.
  3. Planting
    Group harvesting plants together tightly in beds that you don't walk on (i.e. raised beds). Grouping reduces weeding and water waste. Ample space between rows helps promote air circulation, which repels fungal attack.

Know before you go! Download our full materials checklist:

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