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There are 5 important steps to maintaining an organic garden:

  1. Watering & Weeding
    Water your plants in the morning at the base, not the greenery, to reduce evaporation amount. Reduce the amount of weeds and protect your plants using organic mulch and landscape fabric that will decompose over time into the soil.
  2. Protect Your Plants
    Make sure the plants are getting enough light, nutrients, and moisture. A diverse garden helps prevent pests by limiting the availability of each plants food source. Beneficial insects can be your best friends, especially lady bugs. Leave a small amount of water to attract friendly predators.
  3. Harvest Your Garden
    During the peak harvest season, it’s best to check your garden every day. The more your harvest, the more your plants will produce. For herb gardens, pick right before you need them.
  4. Garden Cleanup
    Leaving expired plants in place over winter will provide food and habitat for birds and other wildlife while the plant cover protects your soil from eroding.
  5. Happy Growing!

Know before you go! Download our full materials checklist:

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