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Read on to learn how to build and maintain your Holiday Dock project:

Building Support for your Dock

Determining Proper Post Length

  • When using a standard auger, the correct post length can be determined by adding 3' to the water depth
  • When using mud augers, add 3' to the water depth plus the depth of the mud to determine post lengths
  • For bottom plates, simply add 2' to the water depth (Lake & river bottoms vary and you may need to modify post lengths to fit your needs)

Caring For Your Dock

  • Use a hard bristle brush with a long handle (For your back)
  • Apply wood treatment to protect brand new lumber from the sun and rain
  • Use deck cleaner to combat dirtying and graying docks
  • Use a clear wood preservative to revive the beauty of your dock and protect it from the elements
  • Store your dock in a dry place during the fall and winter months

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Hello - I have reconfigured my dock this year and have created a "T". What is the best way to attach the two sections to each other at the "T". I saw a "T" connector listed on website but can't find any information on it and my Ace Hardware doesn't have it. Any information you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks!

Posted By Jerry Behm on Apr 23, 2019
Reply from Great Lakes Ace Hardware:
We do carry a Tee Connector from Holiday Dock. It sells for $36.99. It attaches to the end of the dock run extending out to the water and also to the side of the dock running perpendicular. Please visit your local Great Lakes Ace to find out more.

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