Build & Maintain Your Boat Dock - Great Lakes Ace Hardware Store

Building Support for your Dock

Determining Proper Post Length

  • When using a standard auger, the correct post length can be determined by adding 3' to the water depth
  • When using mud augers, add 3' to the water depth plis the depth of the mud to determine post lengths
  • For bottom plates, simply add 2' to the water depth( Lake & river bottoms vary and you may need to modify post lengths to fit your needs)


Caring For Your Dock

  • Use a hard bristle brush with a long handle (For your back)
  • Apply wood treatment to protect brand new lumber from the sun and rain
  • Use deck cleaner to combat dirtying and graying docks
  • Use a clear wood preservative to revive the beauty of your dock and protect it from the elements
  • Store your dock in a dry place during the fall and winter months


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