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    Read on for 7 important reasons why you should give Hydroponic Gardening a try:

    1. You Can Garden Anywhere
    Hydroponics make it possible to grow plants just about any place you’d like—including indoors. Many systems have artificial lights that act as grow lamps, so your garden doesn’t even need to be near a window.

    2. You’ll Need Less Space
    Hydroponic systems allow you to grow plants in less space than you’d need for the same number of plants in an in-ground garden. Because the plant food supplies loads of nutrients directly where they’re needed, roots don’t require tons of room to spread out and look for food.

    3. You Can Grow In The Winter
    >Because you can grow plants indoors with a grow lamp, there’s really no such thing as a “planting season” with hydroponics. You can grow just about anything, anytime.

    4. Your Plants May Grow Faster
    Lack of water or nutrients can limit plant growth, but plants grown in water always have plenty of both of these. Which is why your plants may actually grow faster. Plus, those lucky roots get more oxygen in water than in soil, more oxygen means better nutrient absorption and more nutrients equal more growth!

    5. You May Get A Bigger Harvest
    More growth also means that many types of plants will produce more than they would if they weren’t grown in water. All thanks to those super-available nutrients that go straight to the roots with no soil to act as middle man.

    6. You’ll Probably Use Less Water
    Water recirculates in most types of hydroponic gardens, which means the only moisture used up by these kinds of systems is the water taken in by the plant roots.

    7. You’ll Fight Fewer Battles
    Once you remove soil from the equation, you also get rid of many of the pests and diseases that depend on soil to survive.

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