Prepare a Room for Paint - Great Lakes Ace Hardware Store

So you've finally chosen the perfect color for your room and you're ready to paint. But, before putting your brush to the wall you'll need to get your room ready!

There are 6 important steps preparing a room for paint:

  1. Clean Your Room - Move furniture and wall art out of the room. The more you can move out the easier it will be to work in the room.
  2. Remove Light and Outlet Covers - Cover outlets with painter's tape.
  3. Cover Your Floors - Use a large drop cloth to protect your floor from spills.
  4. Clean Surfaces - Wipe baseboards with a damp cloth, dust away cobwebs, wash any dirt or grease with a mild detergent.
  5. Fix Holes, Cracks & Gaps - Use a lightweight spackle for nail holes and cracks. For deeper gouges use a sandable spackling paste. Allow to dry. Sand lightly to a smooth finish.
  6. Mask Surfaces to Protect - Use painter's tape to mask baseboards, window and door casings, and light fixtures.

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