DIY Painted Pine Cones - Great Lakes Ace Hardware Store

Gather some pine cones and some spray paint and create a colorful décor item for your home. This easy project can be done quickly and with your own personal touch. Check out this step-by-step on making these adorable pine cones for this Holiday season!

Recommended Materials:

  • Pine Cones
  • Wooden Crate, Holiday Platter or other Holiday Vessel
  • Drop Cloth/Newspaper
  • 10.25-Oz. Rust-Oleum® Glitter Spray


  1. Over a drop cloth, spray paint pine cones with different colors and textures according to the directions on the cans.
  2. For glittered pine cones, use 10.25-Oz. Rust-Oleum® Glitter Spray.
  3. Let pine cones dry for at least 1 hour before handling.
  4. Arrange pine cones in a wooden crate, on decorative platter or another holiday vessel and display.

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