Weatherproof Your Windows - Great Lakes Ace Hardware Store

There are 3 important steps for weatherproofing your windows:

  1. Be sure to clean windows before installing window kits for the clearest view. Use plastic window kits with a hair dryer to seal drafty windows. Kits provide all the items you need in one handy box.
  2. Use weatherstripping to seal windows and doors where they meet the frame. Paintable caulk can fill and seal any cracks around the outside of window and door frames. For large holes or cracks use Great Stuff™ For Windows and Doors.
  3. Check the door sweeps on the bottom of all your exterior doors to make sure they are creating a tight seal. If you have a screen door be sure its hydraulic closer is working properly to prevent excess drafts from entering your home.

Know before you go! Download our full materials checklist:

Download Checklist

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