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There are 3 important steps for making your home pest-proof:

  1. Spring and early summer bring crawling insects and spiders in and around the home. Treat inside and outside the home with Home Defense. On the outside spray a 12-inch border on the ground and also up the foundation of the home to create a barrier. Inside the home spray a 4-inch band around entry points like doors and windows. Use bait traps or glue traps under sinks or in damp, dark corners.
  2. Mid to late summer bring flying insects, wasps, and hornets. Use flying insect spray for flies inside the home and fruit fly traps for the real small insects. Use screen patches to fix holes in screens. For wasps, hornets, and bees use a pressurized spray in the evening when they are inactive to treat while keeping your distance.
  3. As the nights get colder in fall mice and rats will look for warmer places to winter. Set traps or poison bait where rodent activity would be likely. Use plug-in sonic chasers to repel rodents away from the home. For rodents and pests use expanding foam and exterior caulk outside the home to fill and seal cracks in the foundation and around doors and windows to prevent entry.

Know before you go! Download our full materials checklist:

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