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Here are 10 tips for fall clean-up!

1. Clean Out Debris – Fallen leaves and weeds are the perfect place for pests to settle in for the winter. Clear out flower beds to keep the critters

2. Trim Rogue Branches – Trim up any large or out-of-place tree branches that may cause trouble during the winter.

3. Clean Out Gutters –  Check for proper drainage, clear out any blockages with a small garden trowel, and rinse with a hose.

4. Feed Your Lawn –  Add a fall lawn fertilizer with high phosphorous content to encourage root growth and enjoy a lush, green lawn come spring.

5. Rake & Mulch – Fallen leaves can suffocate the grass. Rake them up, shred them, and use them as mulch for young trees, shrubs, and flower beds.

6. Aerate – A garden fork will do the job for small yards, but larger yards may require a walk-behind aerator.

7. Mow Your Lawn – Set your mower to a low setting and give the lawn a close buzz before winter sets in.

8. Prune Trees & Shrubs – Trim any dead branches and cut back overgrown trees and bushes.

9. Divide & Cut Back Perennials – Divide plants and add them to other beds where they will also do well. This saves money and time in the spring. Fall-blooming perennials like chrysanthemums shouldn’t be divided now.

10. Plant Bulbs, Shrubs, And Fall Annuals – Some plants do best when planted in the fall. If you want to add new shrubs or spring bulbs like hyacinth, now is the time to get them in the ground. Fall annuals like pansies are also a great addition to keep some color in your yard as other plants go to sleep.

Know before you go! Download our checklist:


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