Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostat Rebates

Disclaimer: The following is provided to you, the customer, as a service from Great Lakes Ace Hardware about the DTE Energy rebate program. Any and all questions, disputes will need to be directed to the DTE Energy customer service department. More information could be found at DTE Energy

Wi-Fi enabled thermostats provide an excellent way to save money and keep your home at the optimum temperature year-round. You can adjust settings from a mobile device—even when you’re away from home. Properly setting and maintaining a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat can save about $180 a year. To help you save even more, DTE is offering a $75 rebate on the purchase of a new Wi-Fi enabled thermostat


To apply for your rebate, gather the following information:

  1. Account holder name and address
  2. DTE Energy account number, electric and/or gas, available on your paper bill or online.
  3. Copy of original receipt that shows date of purchase, model number and proof of payment. An email confirmation of an online order is not sufficient unless it includes all the details above Contact retailer to obtain a copy of your paid invoice.
  4. Model number
  5. Manufacturer
  6. Retailer name

Customer Eligibility: DTE electric and/or DTE natural gas customers who purchased a qualified Wi-FI enabled thermostat on or after January 1, 2017.

Customer Rebates

Rebate Amount

DTE electric and/or gas customers


A Wi-Fi enabled thermostat must be capable of controlling the heating and/or cooling system(s) using pre-programmed, user-programmed, or a learned combination of schedules and set points. The thermostat must be Wi-Fi enabled, and connected to the home’s wireless network. To qualify for a $75 rebate, applicants with only a DTE Energy Electric account must have a central air conditioning system and/or use electricity as their primary heating source. Applicants with only a DTE Energy Natural Gas account must use natural gas as their primary heating source. Applicants who have DTE Energy Electric and Natural Gas accounts are eligible for a $75 rebate regardless of their heating and air conditioning system configuration. Wi-Fi enabled thermostats must be installed in the DTE Energy Electric and/or Natural Gas service territory. Only one Wi-Fi enabled thermostat per DTE Energy account.

Limited Funds: Funds for incentives are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Incentive amounts are valid through December 31, 2017. DTE Energy reserves the right not to pay this incentive if funds are not available at the time of application approval or if the form and all the required additional information are not filled out completely and accurately.


Apply for your rebate online and get your rebate FASTER. Mail-in rebates will arrive in 4 to 6 weeks.


Apply Online

Get your rebate faster! Apply online, scan or photograph your sales receipt, attach it and submit. 


Download a Mail-In Form

Fill out the application completely by typing your information into the fillable PDF application, print the application, attach a copy of your sales receipt, sign the bottom of the form and mail to: