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Property Management Supplies

At Great Lakes Ace, we have the most trusted brands that work together to keep your residents healthy and meet the needs of your staff.

We offer products that will help you take care of:

  • Restroom & Common Areas GOJO® products in restrooms and PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer at exits enhance the image of the overall property. Residents and guests appreciate touch-free amenities, and PURELL sanitizer is the brand they know and trust.
  • Community Areas Germ-killing PURELL hand sanitizing products make an excellent impression in fitness facilities, where cleanliness is critical. Keeping PURELL dispensers and wipes within convenient access demonstrates your commitment to the well-being of all those that enter the property.

  • Maintenance Shop GOJO Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners and PURELL hand sanitizing products offer ideal away-from-sink cleanup and hand sanitizing options for your maintenance team. GOJO Scrubbing Wipes are specially formulated to lift heavy dirt and grime. PURELL hand sanitizers kill germs and help keep your team healthy and productive.

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