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We carry premium paint lines including Valspar® Optimus™, Clark+Kensington®, Cabot® and Amy Howard at Home®. We offer computer color paint matching for ultimate precision in your color choice. Our paint experts will help you select the right sheen and set you up with the best paint accessories for your needs. We also have a wide variety of spray paints to help you cover virtually any surface or material in any color!


Great Lakes Ace Hardware Paint experts can help answer questions like:

  • Which paint finish is best for this surface?
  • What's the best method to paint this furniture?
  • How many paint gallons should I buy for my living room? 

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Interior And Exterior

  • Valspar® Optimus™
  • Clark + Kensington®
  • Royal®

Ask Val

Ask Val is an interactive paint resource from Valspar. You can identify colors on your Pinterest boards, just snap a picture and they'll send matching color chips. See what colors are trending. Share photos, get expert advice and more!

    • Use online tools to find your perfect color
    • Get paint chips delivered straight to your home
    • Explore color trends of 2017
    • Free professional assistance
    • Discover your color personality
    • Plus so much more!



Flat – Ideal for low-traffic areas.  Matte appearance shows a color’s “true hue.” If your wall has lots of imperfections, flat finishes will help conceal them.
Eggshell – Smooth, washable finish with a very slight sheen. Ideal for living rooms, hallways, bedrooms and dens.
Satin – Popular for most rooms because it’s a bit more washable than eggshell, with similar sheen, but still stays very true to the color.
Semi-gloss – This glossier finish stands up well to washing, so it’s ideal for bedrooms, kitchens and children’s rooms. Your color will appear a touch more vivid because of light reflection with the sheen.
Gloss – The highest shine of any finish. It’s very washable so glossy finishes are well-suited for trimwork, doors and windows and high-traffic spots. Flaws will show, so proper prep is important. Also a great choice to add a touch of glamour because colors appear more vivid in this sheen and surrounding colors will be reflected as well.




  • Zinsser®
  • Kilz®



Need some paint COLOR INSPIRATION?



Cabot Wood Stains come in a variety of colors and opacities:

      • Wood-toned are clear with a light tint
      • Semi-transparent lends more color to the surface, while still letting the wood grain be seen
      • Semi-solid masks most of the wood grain, but allows some of the texture to be seen
      • Solids completely hide the wood grain and allow very little of the texture to show


      • Available in 260 wood tone colors
      • Can be used to add beauty to any bare or stripped wood surface


STAIN TIP: If your deck is structurally sound, but in poor condition, we might recommend Cabot® DeckCorrect. It fills cracks up to a quarter inch, locks down splinters and provides a skid-resistant surface.



Your favorite, high-quality brands:

      • Purdy®
      • Werner®
      • Frogtape®
      • 3M®
      • DAP®
      • Locktite®

We have an extensive selection of caulks, adhesives, tapes and other supplies you’ll need to get the surface prepped. 

      • Brushes & Rollers
      • Buckets
      • Drop Clothes & Rags
      • Ladders
      • Sandpaper
      • And more!


Visit your NEIGHBORHOOD store for a FREE Sample Color Pint! Color sample pints are FREE every day when you come back and buy your paint! Purchase color sample pints at Great Lakes Ace Hardware and receive a coupon for $5 off a gallon of paint for every color sample pint you buy. See store for details.


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