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Products to make the everyday a little easier. 


Flex Seal:

Liquid Rubber in a Can!

Flex Seal Liquid Black 1 Gallon













  • Easy to use, portable, aerosol spray
  • Seeps into cracks and holes
  • Dries to a watertight, flexible, rubberized coating
  • Stays flexible and pliable, lasts for years
  • Will not sag or drip in summer heat
  • Will not crack or peel in winter cold
  • Stops vibrations and deadens noise
  • Protects surface from corrosion, use on wet or dry surfaces
  • Once dry, can be painted any color


Atomic Beam Lantern: 

The Brightest Lantern You'll Ever Own!

Atomic Beam Lantern










  • Ultra-bright tactical lantern
  • Military-grade
  • Stronger and brighter than regular flashlights
  • Simply pull it up to turn it on
  • 360 degrees of bright, white light
  • Contracts into its military-grade case so you can take it anywhere
  • Last a lifetime without burning out


Artic Air Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner:

The compact, eco-friendly personal air cooler that pulls warm air from the room through its evaporative water filter to humidify while it cools! 

Arctic Air Portable Air Conditioner












  • Cools
  • Humidifies
  • Cleans the dust particles
  • Just pour water in the tank, plug it in and enjoy
  • Evaporative air cooler that allows you to create your own personal climate
  • Adjust the digital temperature display to the temperature you like
  • The 750ml water reservoir produces moist air
  • Quiet, two-speed fan, adjustable air vents, water reservoir and LED light


Green Gobbler Eco-Friendly Drain Opener:

Effective Against: Grease, Hair, Soap Scum, Paper and so much more!

Green Gobbler


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